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Online Certificate Verification at Bharathiar University

Title: Online document verification system at Bharathiar University Improves operational efficiency and stakeholder reliability
Bharathiar University is a state university in CoimbatoreTamil Nadu, South India,  established in February 1982 under the provision of Bharathiar University Act, 1981 (Act 1 of 1982) and was recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in 1985. It has been ranked No. 3 in the State and No. 29 in the nation according to a Nielsen survey of 2011.[1] . As of 2015 Students enrolled has reached is 1, 86,000 students making it one of the top universities in the state.
This humongous student base, faculty base and other related entities in the university, across the years has resulted in operational challenges for University Officials and staffs. As the University was rising in size and reputation across the Nation, Providing the best service to its large student and Alumni community was becoming a herculean hurdle for the University. Gradually it started affecting the service provided to student and Alumni network.
There were many factors which resulted in the deprivation of operational efficiency and student service, one of the most significant factors which have defectively impacted the University quality service was the Educational Certificate verification and related document process. As the Nation’s Employability improved and Industry started adopting to best practice at as a part of globalization, Certificate verification became an essential requirement at any associations or inductions across the industry. This directly impacted in the number of certificate verification request in the University, The study shows the Paper based work at university was increasing at rate of 18% YOY, The response time for a document verification drastically increased over the last 5 years, from 10 days to 30 days. University was finding difficult close the verification request of their Students, based on priority, as there was no perfect structured process for this operations, The support calls and enquiries to University increased by almost 35 % .Payment collection for each transactions and reporting also was a horrendous for the University officials, Increase in Fraud Certificates in the Market, made the scenario worse. These factors directly reflected in the Students and Alumni Future, which in turn was affecting the whole Student – University- Government ecosystem.
The Concept by Myeasydocs
At present, there is no unified system for online verification for higher education certificates & universities in our country. Therefore, Directverify powered by Myeasydocs propose to have such an e-governance system. The Prospective Employers/Students/Brides/Bridegrooms etc. find it very difficult to verify any certificate. Certificate verification process in most universities is still manual. Manual verification process normally takes around 2 weeks to 3 months in some universities. To get a certificate verified, one has to send a photocopy of the certificate along with a payment by courier to the university. Similarly, verification of Universities for its genuineness is very difficult.
Directverify powered by Myeasydocs propose for an online verification system of Higher Education Certificates & Universities/Institutes, which will help in verifying the education certificates as well as universities.
The New Process at Bharathiar University
Bharathiar University on the beginning of 2013 took a very bold and visionary step in its timeline, to make the Education certificate Verification online. DirectVerify, powered by Myeasydocs an IIT Madras Incubated company, empowered the digitizing of this ecosystem. Myeasydocs provides an Online verified document repository, envision making the verified document ecosystem online. Bringing People, Universities, Government to a universal platform. The Online verification system Implementation made a huge turnaround in the way things happened in the University. The process of making the Certificate verification process was very simple and effective. Directverify platform connected Requester – (Students/Alumni/Employers/Screening Agencies) , with the Bharathiar University through a online portal –, University will receive all the request in a single login based portal, where they can close case by case in a  very structured mode, with options to generate  reports, classify ,sort the request based on the priority. The University portal also enables Staffs to allocate certificate based on their departments, making very much helpful in organizing the verification process as a whole.
The Results
The detailed study on the impact of online document verification can be classified to two, Internal Benefits and external benefits, internal benefits are those University staffs, clerks and associates reaped out of digitalizing the process. External benefits include- Faster and efficient verification results for the students/Alumni and Employers. This also improved the Universities connections with Government entities like Secretariat, gaining more reputation in the far sightedness.

Internal Advantage
University staff
The University staff saw a turnaround in their work, they no longer had to wait for inter departmental transfer of  manual documents and 30% errors due to  document misplacing was reduced, zero support call to attend related to verifications, they could focus more on core  focus on verification activity inside office. The efficient verification request tracking system saved 80% of coordination tie for staffs. Employers/Students do scanning of certificates, Challan issues coordination becomes zero.
Internal Departments
The departments 90 % of manual exchange of documents was reduced, Errors from applicants can be sent back online for clarification. Even though the University database was not digitized, the Verification can be easily completed. Errors from applicants can be sent back online for clarification. Tracking process reduced queries from applicants up to 75%. As the amount for verification was paid in advance, Departments were free from all day to Challan/DD exchange and related processing.
Department heads
They could easily categorize and prioritize the Governments / embassies verification requests. Bharathiar COE once said “My Reports preparing time for higher authorities have become literally zero and the faster completion of verification as improved the reputation of the department. Across the Departments and Accounts the Challan audit time got reduced up to 80% for the Authorities.
As the University need not take sweat to digitize the current Certificate or Database, implementation of the system is with Zero Cost and effort. Adding on to these advantages reaped by University, these online verified documents were available for future access also. Bharathiar University also proudly  claims going green as also one of the very visionary step , as it can ensure a better green future for our coming generation

External Advantage
State Government:
TamilNadu state Secretariat welcomed this change with two hands and appreciated Bharathiar University’s brave move to this visionary step , of making online document verification, TamilNadu state which always stood for the support of digital India and nation building supported by joining the Platform of Directverify and providing HRD/Secretariat attestation with this digitally verified results. This Online platform also helped Secretariat to connect with international authorities and embassies. As a result Directverify could reduce the online document verification and attestation time close to 75% .The state government used this tool to fight against the Certificate fraud Mafia and was successful in finding many red alert cases with the system.
Students & Employees
Student/Alumni and employees community enjoyed the benefit more than anyone, key advantages for them are – one click solution for all verification needs, faster response time; complete tracking of the verification status, global access to the system,
Embassy & Employers
Around 47 Embassy have started enjoying the easy process of getting verified document through Directverify. This empowered them to take faster decision on providing the VISA to the eligible. The system has empowered them with confidence of avoiding all fraud applicants and provides the Right VISA to Right applicant. In the same time, almost 95 % Background screening Agencies in India have started using the platform to provide the verification results to the employees to fasten the hiring process of the potential candidate across India. Bharathiar University student inducted students were easily moved to projects in the MNC, as they were getting the verification results in no time.
DirectVerify Concept above all stands for the, most holistic and visionary goal, of going green and saving the planet


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  2. UGC (university grants commission) was modeled after the University Grants Committee of the UK that had the same duties of keeping the higher education in check.

    UGC was originally created to oversee the major universities of India. The universities of Calcutta, Bombay (now Mumbai) and Madras were set up in 1857, after that the University of Allahabad was established in 1887. Now to manage them, the Inter-University Board (later known as the Association of Indian Universities) was formed in 1925. It’s primary duty was to promote university activities. It did that by sharing information and cooperation in the field of education, culture, sports and allied areas.
    UGC list journals
    This was the first attempt at creating a national system of education in India which was back in 1944. The formation of a University Grants Committee was recommended.